Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Happens When Shelly and Kadie Watch America's Next Top Model Marathons...

Once upon a time there were these two beautiful female figures of the kingdom of Palmer in the land of Alaska. One day while they were being bored as always they decided to steal a nifty contraption from the sacred kingdom's museum of ancient artifacts. They had heard stories of this wonderous image saver from their grandfather the king. He said that if you hold the image saver and press the enormous button at the top, it will make a very suprisingly loud clicking noise and then somehow by dipping the plastic from within into stinky grape juice it saves the images of beautiful beings. Well these two beautiful female figures tried it out. They created incredible stories with the shapes of their bodies, the emotion on their faces and the energy from within their very souls. But Shelly dropped the image saver into a hollow, it just so happened to be the very hollow that the mean old creepy man lived in. The one that "foretold" the future. Both of the girls were far to afraid to ask for it from him so they ran back to their rooms never to speak of the image saver again. But this old creepy man was infact not creepy but was surely old. He was 2000 years old. A historian, and because of that he could easily predict the future. And when he found this "image saver" or in other words a camera, he developed the film and saw what wonderful models these two girls were. He saved those pictures for 500 more years before he died. 800 years later when historians and scientists were looking for his grave they struck a bit of luck. Finding the very hollow he oncce lived in. And within that hollow they found the pictures and shared them with the whole world. Showing that at least 1300 years ago there were cameras and that the two Wilderness girls were the most amazingly beautiful female images anyone had ever laid eyes on. The End

Well today, ALL day there was an America's Next Top Model Marathon. I watched Like five episodes before Shelly got home. She and I finished the rest of it then decided that we wanted to be models and take FABULOUS pictures! So we went outside and here is the end result:

Well I hope you are happy now Grandpa : ) Love you dearly say hey to Grandma for me!



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What the heck I wanna be when I grow up...

Well in the past few months I have gone from wanting to be either a high school Russian teacher or teaching English in Russia, a high school history teacher, a marine biologist, a kindergarten teacher. So on and so on. Well I decided that I need to pick my job based on where I want to live for the rest of my life. Well that's easy enough--Alaska. Then of course I have to choose a location within Alaska. That narrows out being an English teacher in Russia. I have always wanted to live by the water and I do love to fish now. I love being able to see green mountains and beautiful sunsets. I want to live somewhere fairly remote, but not so remote that my neighbor is 10 miles away. Though I hate snow it kind of comes with living in Alaska, so I will have to live somewhere that gets very little snow. So I have chosen a place on the coast. But I can get any of these jobs on the coast. So what are things that I like to do? I did love being in high school, but lets face it I don't want to spend the rest of my days in school. I want to explore, I want to find new things and visit many, many places and learn all kinds of new things. So I guess I will have to settle for being a marine biologist! The only bad thing is that I'm not a very good student...I hate studying and doing homework, and in college there is more homework and the classes I will have to take to become a marine biologist aren't exactly easy. It will be tough but very rewarding in the long run. So now that I have decided what to do, I need to find out what within marine biology I want to do. Well Orca are very interesting and Dolphins, and Great Whites. But everyone probably wants to do that. So I need to find something not many people would choose but something that isn't sea grass. That's when I remember that great day at the fishing derby in Ketchikan. My Elephant Seal. What more excitement would that be? Researching something HUGE, interesting, and something that once scared the piss out of me. I LOVE it. Kadie Lynn Wilderness a Marine Biologist in the study of Elephant Seals. Sounds good to me.

Monday, December 22, 2008


So I finally did it and was greatly rewarded. I'm 18 and almost 19 and still have not gotten the one thing that gives me so much freedom. I did it and now that I have I feel like a new woman I feel like if I wanted to I could have the whole world at my finger tips. Oh the places I could venture to all because I finally did it. I could go over mountains and through deep puddles. I can take four with me, or just go along on this grand adventure all by myself. I can and will pursue my dreams where ever it is they may take me. I can go as far north as there is fuel and far south as there is land. I can go visit the great pyramids of Egypt or the ancient cities of the Mayans. Through snow and mud may I be safe. And with Gods guidance may I never be lost.

Okay guys I just got my license. But tell me that when you were 16 or however old it was when you got yours that you couldn't count the many possibilities you now had because of that freedom. For 1. you no longer have the need to ask ma and pa for rides. Like I did when I went to my first singles ward dance...How embarrassing right? Or having to inconvenience friends because you had to be how at 10 pm instead of 12 like every one else. 2.Well since I'm 18 I can go where ever I want and not get into trouble for not being home for dinner. 3. I can park the car with boys...haha juuust kiddin. Boys have cooties anyways... 4. If i just want to get away I have my own set of wheels to take me away from a lot of the cares of the world. Just to name a few, right? I think you get the idea, having a car and a license is great. That is until you have gas that costs you $70 every time you fill that bad boy up and insurance that costs a fortune. And then you have the tune ups and what if for some unknown reason it breaks down and costs a million dollars...Cars...

Though you may find it silly I was and am a whole lot more excited about this than Christmas, I shouldn't but I am.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just because I am SO bored....

Well it is 12 am monday now, I guess. I can't sleep and figured I would post something seeing as I was already on here adding on to my playlist. Lets see...there really isn't anything new going on. Although I was talking to mom the other day and she was trying to convence me to go out on dates...that does not sound like any fun to me. And dad is always making hints that I should go get married. Next thing you know they'll be setting me up on blind dates and then eventually arrange a marriage for me with some guy I've never met. I sure do love my parents! Oh, I saw Twilight on Friday! I really liked it. I didn't think they did a very good job of showing what the characters were really like or their bonds, but the movie was good. Oh and Edward was not good. He wasn't as graceful in the movie as he is in the books. So that was a let down, but I did thoroughly enjoy it. What else has been going on...Oh! I've decided I'm going to get my DRIVERS LICENSE by the end of this week or ELSE!!!! yeah its pretty lame I don't have that yet, but oh well. I have a great truck though, been driving that around. Of course with dad's supervision. I drove it for the first time in snow today, I did pretty good. Although I'm getting quite good anyways. I can now listen to music and turn the wipers on and off and look around with out vearing off the road! Soon I'll even be able to turn the heat on and off and switch the radio sation! So I have a distraction problem, so what?!? At least I'm being responsible and not purposely distracting myself. I have also decided I want to be a kindergarten teacher. So hopefull I will have enough money to go to college in 2010 without pulling out a loan. That's my goal, never go into debt. I'm not even going to get a credit card. It would be too hard for me not to go crazy with so much money I dont have, if you know what I mean. I am my mother's daughter after all. Well I guess I will read scriptures and go to bed. I'm reading the Book of Mormon before the end of the year. I'm only in 2 Nephi. But I figure I can read a 500 page book in as little as two days why can't I read the BOM in a little over a month?

Well 'Night-o! ♥ xoxoxo

KadieThis is what my truck looks like only this is an '83 and mine is a'95.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ben's Photoshoot

What happens when you hand over your camera to a four year old little boy and he tells you to model for him.

Well take a look...

I'm thinking he could definitely be a pro! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, October 24, 2008

Why I Love Ketchikan So Much...

So you all know that I've lived in Ketchikan for the past five months, and that i can hardly wait to get back. Well I'm not really sure if i have explained or even shown you why I love it so much. I love Ketchikan because every where you go there is something wild, something real, and peaceful. Every bight no matter if you look at the same location the sunset is dramatically different. I love the smell of the fishies, the ocean and the trees. I love the way you get dizzy from being on the dock, I love the sound of the water hitting the shore, the sound the dock makes when there is a wake from a boat. I love that everything is wet and the forest that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. I love all the different beautiful boats, i love the green mountains that also happen to be islands. I love the tide, high and low, i love all the weird looking creatures that suddenly appear when the tide is out. I love being out in a boat and just looking at all around me never once noticing time going by. This and many more reasons is why I so greatly love Ketchikan and can hardly stand not being there. It is the most beautiful, serene place that i have ever been to!

Now tell me that if you ever went to ketchikan you wouldnt want to go home?( except mom because I know she will say no...there isnt any shopping there :p)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clover Pass Crew Fishing Derby

Alright this is being stupid, I cant get the pictures to go after the story so they are here before it...sorry. This is a picture of Dyllan my boss, Tonja's, daughter.
This is of Dyllan and John. He was suppossed to be my partned but bailed on me last mintue after he promised he wouldnt...stupid boys!
This is a picture of the winners brigham and james

So every year it is tradition to have a crew fishing derby. Ours was on September 29 and it was a blast. Becky and Tashina were my partners. So this year had been a very slow year for fishing and so people weren't really catching anything that day. We were about an hour into it when I caught one. I hadn't even realized it until I saw this huge fish jumping around, and the fact that Becky had just caught one too so she and Tashina were trying to get it in. Well something was wrong with my rod and it wasn't really reeling anything in. So I had to pull the line in and then reel the excess. My line snapped! I was so pissed, it took everything and that fish was HUGE! So I got out another hook and weight and tied it to my line. We were trolling around maybe a half hour later and I still had no bites. I decided to reel in to check my bait, when I felt a tug. I started reeling in, I knew this one was a huge one also because it pulled the rode off the pole! so here I was reeling in this huge fish again but I was just holding the rod, I threw the pole away. But I lost that sucker too. Becky was still the only one who had successfully caught anything and she had never gone fishing! We finally gave up there was about half an hour before we had to be in so we just kind of went sight seeing. That's when I saw this huge black head bobbing around. I thought it was a seal, we have a seal that lives around the resort that we named cha cha...don't know why but that's it's name. Anyways so I just figured it was a seal but it's head was way to big and we were too far away for it to be that bug. So I told Tashina to go look at it so we head over there in our 14' skiff and its this huge monster! some fishermen in a bigger boat we pretty close to us and said you don't want to catch that thing. we just laughed and it's nose blew up and it made a weird noise. I was terrified this thing was gonna tip us over and eat us so i start screaming get away from it that thing is gonna eat us. Becky and Tashina are laughing there heads off about to pee there pants they are laughing so hard. Becky asked the fishermen what it was. he said it was an elephant seal and that its super dangerous. So we left. when we got back to the resort people started taking their catches out, not many people caught that much and a lot of people got skunked. Well of course Ben the charter captain got a butt load of fish, and Russell the general manager. We started weighing in and Brigham and James won for the biggest fish, at 15 lb Silver Salmon. They won $500...lucky ducks. So later Becky looked up elephant seals, turns out they can reach up to 17' bigger than our skiff...Fun but somewhat scary day. look at this picture of an elephant seal and tell me you wouldnt be terrified!